Five Marketplace to Sell Your Old Phone Online For Cash

sell your phone for cashWhile buying new cellphone, probably thought of where should I sell my phone might have occurred to you. People change phones every year and selling old phone is good idea to earn some money so that you could by new phone. To answer your question of where to sell my phone is here:

1. Amazon
Visit the site, find the model of your phone, and click sell on amazon with few details. If your cellphone is in great condition, probably you will find buyers within minutes of ad going live. You could use the option of shipping the item by yourself or ask Amazon to handle the shipping. Money will be transferred to your bank account directly. However, communication with buyer has to be managed by you via email or phone.

2. eBay
It is another great marketplace to sell your phone online for cash. Unlike amazon, you could keep your phone on auction. In auction, you could earn more money than expected. You could use My Gadgets service from eBay. It is the simply list of things that you own and want to sell it. My Gadget will create listing for you and advice the selling price based on the current market trend. Buyers tend turn to eBay to find things, which are not available on other marketplace.

3. Craigslist
If you possess cellphone highly in demand, than Craigslist could help you find local buyers quickly. Craigslist charges very less fee for selling products than any other market place. However, you must be ready to haggle. As you are selling your phone on local market, you could sell much faster with handsome amount. You could also sell phone on any locale but there is lot of work required to manage ads.

4. Gazelle
This marketplace is great for selling iPhones. iPhones have good resell value than other phones. Every time new iPhone is announced, Gazelle gives good buy-back offers through a convenient program. iPhone owners must try to sell their device on Gazelle. However, non-Apple phone might struggle to find buyers on Gazelle.

5. Facebook
This marketplace is run by oodle. Similar to Craigslist, you post the ad of your old phone but it does not limit the ad to locals. You could also share the same add to your Facebook friends. This is not as popular as other marketplace but huge network of Facebook could give your phone great exposure.

Even before you think the words, selling my phone make sure you access the condition and age of the phone. Older the phone lower the price and if it has any physical damage, price will drop considerably.